Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Stache

There are some some days my wife surprises me. Then, the rest of the time is just a regular day. This was one of those days. I had been having a really had time at work as I was at a new store that had major problems. Little did I know that my wife had set a surprise for me.

I got home that day from work and the first thing my daughter said is, "look it's dad's!". What was she talking about? Obviously, she had tried to get into something that was mine and she got stopped by my wife. So I just went, "oh ok". When I didn't respond the right away, my daughter says, "look it's daddy's stache!". Now I was like, "what is she talking about?" I turn around to look at what she was pointing at and I saw my stache...
If you want to know how my wife made it go to her blog here.

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