Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Craft Side

Many of you may want to know how I was lured to the "Craft Side."  It all started with a wife that was a graphic designer. She worked for a company designing ads. When we found out that she was pregnant, we wanted to find a way that she could either work part time or stay home and watch our daughter. She had started to design birthday cards, and wedding invitations for our friends. Little did I know that this would lead to another life. One that men only talk about out of ear shot of women, even at work.
Soon the Apple computer came home. Sweet! We can always use a nice big screen to play games. Then came the Adobe CS4. Not quite sure what that was. I went along seeing that the program looked cool, but how do you even use it?  I had finally gotten a raise and we decided that we could survive off what I make and she could stay home. We soon realized that the invitations that she was making cost us too much money to have printed and cut at an outside vender. Then the next step down the path showed up. We got as a Christmas present from my parents a new high quality printer/scanner. Along with that came a "guillotine cutter." This made the print jobs bearable at home. I soon became the master of the blade. As the man it only made sense to make sure I was the one that used a tool with a name of "guillotine cutter". It was cool as it could cut through lots of sheets of paper at once. I even knew how many before it messed up the cuts.
This went on for a little while. She was able to stay home and watch Zoey while I went to work. Then the ideas started to come. She was going to make a blog to show what she had done to show others. Never being one that is satisfied with the basic blog she got designing her own. She started talking about HTML and how she could use that to earn some money here and there. I was like, "Sure honey." Next thing I know Happy Potamus Designs is born. That was kinda cool, so I rolled with it. This was how blogging started creeping its way through the door.
The next step was my fault, I will take the blame for this. This was the first Christmas together and we did not have any stockings. Being that we just had a baby and a $40,000 dollar doctor bill, my wife asked if she could make stockings for Christmas. I am mostly about being cheap, so of course I said yes. When she started the project she was going to her moms to use the sewing machine. Well, when you get two crafty people trying to do the same project, it never is pretty. My wife was sent packing with my mother-in-laws old sewing machine. The problem with the machine is that it slipped and wasn't that good for any real sewing. A light went off in my head. Buy her a sewing machine for Mothers Day. I didn't know what I was starting or what that small purchase would lead to. I thought I was being frugal and a good hubby at the same time. Brownie points for me.
The stockings turned out great. So with one project down, my wife had turned to the crafty side. Soon there were other projects and still more. Then one day I came home and "Artsy Fartsy Mama" had been born. Soon there was no turning back. She was hooked I went along with her craftiness, seeing that the house was being decorated for cheap.

Then it happened. A Hobby Lobby opened not five miles from where we lived. It was over. The addiction was fed. I was even invited to go with her. I saw the man section of model cars and airplanes and that had brought back memories of my doing models as a kid. Of course that was the only aisle.

Now my future is started with " I was thinking"...


  1. Too funny! I love it...welcome to the crafty side...we have cookies! (homemade and hand decorated from posts we saw on pinterest of course)

  2. I love the back story of how you came to the craft side. :) Keep up the fun posts! And obviously keep linking up at Artsy Corner!!